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:iconbluefreak: provided this, after steaing from :icon0r0ch1: i thought about taking it from him, but meh...

1. What is your character's name?
- Jasmine Mar Daisuke Ichigo Pinales (ha, that's long) Usually Jasmine Mar

2. What kind of character is it (furry, anime, etc) and any particular race?
- Anime human wiht angel/demon atachments

3. What is the first thing your character would think of when he/she first wakes up?
- why the hell am i awake--stupid fucking alarmclock--...fuck

4. Your character's favorite outfit would be?
- long black robe that starts at the collar bone,and goes to my toesies!
-#2=dark or red swearshirt and jeans or cargos. boots, fingerless gloves, glases or shades, simple black leather band choker, black 'PEACE' band on left wrist, messenger bag.

5. When your character looks into a mirror, what's the first thing they would notice?
- MY hair is so fucked up right now :attack wiht brush/comb:

6. Does your character have the same tastes in food as you?
- Of course. Peanut butter on most anything(sugars!), garlic on whatever peanut buter doesn't go on (meats), and random carrot feasts once or twice a year.

7. How is your character similar to you?
- Very quiet, likes to be alone. wait to say stuff when calm. doesn't like children, is pervy, and adores $$$ as much as i do. (:money::cash:?) is violent and quick to anger when in a bad mood. hates being around stupid people. black she's got glasses. Very tempermental, She'll be mean just bc it's amusing. like, saying 'no' to people about somethign stupid

8. How is he/she different?
- is darker then i am, mentally, she's got angel wings and halo, and devil's horns and tail. is quicker to speak her mind wiht no thoguhts about other people

9. If your character could speak, would they have the same voice as you?
- Probably a deeper version on my voice, but mostly the same

10. If you were to suddenly become your character, what do you think would be the first thing you would do as them?
- Play with the hair on the devil's tail, and test out the powers. yeah, Mar's got powers^^

11. Is there something about your character that you don't like how others think of them?
- That they think she's pure evil and mean. She's nice to people when she feels like being nice.

12. What advantages does your character have over you?
- She's got wings, and a tail. I want both :tear:

13. What disadvantages?
- i'm taller then her. We're the same height, but somehow i'm still tallr then her...damn my dimunitave art style :shakes fist:

14. Do you have any secrets relating to your character that only you know?
- Not to many, a joke that came up last year, but since Sam's yet to scan the pik, i'm not telling, though, i might re-draw it

15. Do you have any secret drawings only you know about?
- Of Mar? no, of other charas, yes, of nameless charas hella yes

16. Do you have any plans for your character or are you working on something big relating to him/her?
- Sh is me, or rather she does what i want to do, but she's on paper. meh, we're one in the same, i see the tail all the time, i've got the pretty red tail^^

17. What misconception(s), if any, do people have about your character?
- I can't think of any

18. If you could have just ONE characteristic from your character, what would it be?
- Non-human parts! wings n tail especially!

19. Have you made any characters that go along with yours, based on real-life people, that have the same relationship with your character as you with the real-life person?
- No

20. Have you written any stories about your character?
- I've gota few mini comix, and one i should be working on, only the first page's done XD

21. How has your character changed since his/her first creation?
- The visiblity of her eyes, her personlity a bit, it's not as dark as it was before XD, and the wings sometimes disappear, they're a pain

22. Give us a one-liner from him/her.
- 'I have no face' XDhahhahahaha

23.- Weaknesses and DRAMA

fear of dogs. love of all big cats, but especially tigers and blak tigirs XD. Not much drama, excet for hate of SLHS's science faculty, and melinski, melinski's a bloody bitch whore...

So..Yea.... i feel like bs-ing, so i'l do this for Moon^^ That one might be a bit more interesting XD

1. What is your character's name?
- Moon ^^

2. What kind of character is it (furry, anime, etc) and any particular race?
- HP Pavillion Entratinment Notebok PC, Special edition, (Laptop personified)

3. What is the first thing your character would think of when he/she first wakes up?
- Meh neh--

4. Your character's favorite outfit would be?
- Black pants and a blue shirt^^ The pants are cargos, and the shirt is any type^^

5. When your character looks into a mirror, what's the first thing they would notice?
- Ne doesn't really look at the mirror

6. Does your character have the same tastes in food as you?
- No, he doesn't really 'eat' persay...electricity, i guess

7. How is your character similar to you?
- nice? ha, this is a bit harder wiht Moon...maybe i'll tack nate on... he likes yaoi

8. How is he/she different?
- he's not as pevy as i am, not as violent, by anymeans XD

9. If your character could speak, would they have the same voice as you?
- No, it would have a type of musical lilt. i can't explain it but it'd be different. and higher then me

10. If you were to suddenly become your character, what do you think would be the first thing you would do as them?
- play iwht his long white hair, then go on the internet

11. Is there something about your character that you don't like how others think of them?
- That he's a girl, or a wuss

12. What advantages does your character have over you?
- He's got self internet connextion?

13. What disadvantages?
- he's a laptop..not human?

14. Do you have any secrets relating to your character that only you know?
- prolly

15. Do you have any secret drawings only you know about?
- yeah

16. Do you have any plans for your character or are you working on something big relating to him/her?
- it's not big, but doing ore stuff wiht Seme would be fun

17. What misconception(s), if any, do people have about your character?
- He's a girl

18. If you could have just ONE characteristic from your character, what would it be?
- His more positive disposition on everything XD

19. Have you made any characters that go along with yours, based on real-life people, that have the same relationship with your character as you with the real-life person?
- Well, not a real life 'person' DianaLW's laptop Seme, except for they're into eachother, somewhat, and Diana and i are friends XD

20. Have you written any stories about your character?
- Not really

21. How has your character changed since his/her first creation?
- He's got bracelettes for some ofn the ports on his arms. His batter pack in on his shoulder blades, and the A/C power adapter kinda jumps around still XD

22. Give us a one-liner from him/her.
- 'Seme, you know you want to see my hard drive'

23.- Weaknesses and DRAMA
- None really, he's pretty damn level headed, except for when my Mom takes him away from me, he get's really depressed then...

And now Nate, beeuse he's teh awesome^^

1. What is your character's name?
- Nathanial Bunnyman

2. What kind of character is it (furry, anime, etc) and any particular race?
- Human boy, black

3. What is the first thing your character would think of when he/she first wakes up?
- who the fuck woke me up?--stupid fucking alarm clock'--damn you Mar, go away

4. Your character's favorite outfit would be?
- Simple black collar. Black fingerless gloves. Plain tee-shirt and denim shirt/jacket over it, blue jeans, sometimes cargos. messenger bag, sneakers or boots

5. When your character looks into a mirror, what's the first thing they would notice?
- he tired he looks, and that his har's messed up

6. Does your character have the same tastes in food as you?
- Pretty much, he just has a better concept of 'moderation'

7. How is your character similar to you?
- Can be very violent. is pervy, is quiet and very reclusive.

8. How is he/she different?
- he's a boy, for one and um...taller, (piss me off) and he know martial arts

9. If your character could speak, would they have the same voice as you?
- deeper, very sexeh

10. If you were to suddenly become your character, what do you think would be the first thing you would do as them?
- stare at myself in the mirror,

11. Is there something about your character that you don't like how others think of them?
- He's uppity, hes just quiet and shy

12. What advantages does your character have over you?
- he's stronger, knows martial arts

13. What disadvantages?
- has fewer friends?

14. Do you have any secrets relating to your character that only you know?
- he's really saddam housein XD (none, not really)

15. Do you have any secret drawings only you know about?
- seret as in dirty? yeah

16. Do you have any plans for your character or are you working on something big relating to him/her?
- no, he's one of my guardians

17. What misconception(s), if any, do people have about your character?
- he's younger then he is, that's he's a girl, that he can't kick their asses

18. If you could have just ONE characteristic from your character, what would it be?
- He's demenor, and his pretty hair^^

19. Have you made any characters that go along with yours, based on real-life people, that have the same relationship with your character as you with the real-life person?
- None from real people. But he's got Ren, Darius and Daisuke

20. Have you written any stories about your character?
- nopies^^

21. How has your character changed since his/her first creation?
- basic artchanged, his style changed. he sleeps a lto more now, he's ot as acrobatic as he used to be

22. Give us a one-liner from him/her.
- Fuck you in the ear wiht a rusty wooden spoon. you bloody fuck bitch whore, damn!

23.- Weaknesses and DRAMA

Love fire, adores it. hate's dogs (fear) loves big cats. he thinks house cats are stupid, and that his father is stupid

meh, i wanna do Dari, but i dun feel like it now. i just did three of these in a half an hour, i need to do somethign else for a wee bit, you know?

okay, i was mand at my mom when i thouhgt this, but it holds true, to some degree.

All parents, no matter what they may say, hate their children for not bein exactly like them.

I swear, i thouhgt about it for like..ten minutes, and it makes complete sense, seriously.

My m om has no artistic talent, and i somehow have some. she may say it ooks nice, ut i know inwardly she's constatly thinkging 'i wish i could draw'. MY mom aslo isn't creative what so ever. she's a very closed minded person, and for whatever reason she's insaney, and very stupidly racist.

I am the exact opposite. i can read music, and not just play it. i can draw, i'm open minded, and i have no problem wiht people from other races, who live in different parts of the earth. I love musicals, randomosity. i like confusion, and stuff that makes sense.

but you know, the parents of geniuses hate that their children are smarter then they are. people who are smart hate it if their children are stupid because they expect thei genius and perfection to pass on. Parents what their children to be exactly like them. to get the same types of grades, so be as sef capapble, bt people are different. now, if my mom could figure that out, we'd probably get along together much better, but until then, were pretty fucked. seriously.

what i say does makes sense. parents'll never admit it, but if you look, you can see what i mean.
okies, i'm killing myself softly rigt now b/c i've got many, many thigns to draw.

1-draw kiriban pik to scan wednesday
2-concept and draw pik for secret santa
3-draw someing for law
4-drawn just plain seasonal pik
5-don't loose mind
6-finish eggnog pik
7- draw RYFG pik

and that's all for wednesday, my prisma's are getting one nice lil workout now, eh?

hmm, i'll upload some more stuff tomorrow, or whatever, and maybe i'll give them description!XD ive got one more angry pixie i can upload, then some random stuff that's pretty nice

and my eyes sal bleed from the pictures!
Well, it appears that we have surpassed the 1500-1505 page view limit, and (b/c i haven't checed my comments) it might not have been won, but who knows. i'll draw something, and prolly have it up before christmas. my last scanning day for the year is comming up in a few weeks, but i haven't drawn too many serious things. i've got my 'eggnogg' pik half finished, and i can't start on my secret santa pik until later, and i've been meaning to draw a holiday pik *for* dA, so we'll see about that :shrug:

~~~~turn back now, i'm ranting, and spoilerizing if you haven''t seen hp4 yet~~~~

so, i saw hp4 today, saddly i saw it along, kovo was too busy :tear: it would have ben funnier if he was there.

anywho, i thought the beginning was crap b/c they cut out too much that i thought had been fairly important to the story (which is amazing b/c i haven't read that book since...whenever the hell it came out, i had itthat christmas) but wtf. they crapped up the Q. Word Cup like whoa, friggin seriously. they also crapped up other bits, and there was nothing before the third even of the tourny, it just happened


they went straight from the yule ball thing to the maze, i was all the THE BLOODY FRICKIN' FUCK IS THIS! SHIT!

and then Moody's eyes, it was all cartoony like hell.

then they last thing was owglorioutly gay they new dumbledor acted. he did the gay voice a few times, and at the end of the movei he sat gaily, seriously.

hey, i was there alone, when i'm bored, or fricin cold, or whenever, i see shit! seriously, he did the gay voice many times i nthe movie.

ooh! and then tere was the thing with snape and using versatum(screw the spelling) truth serum on harry b/c :devsnapesnooger: made a lil comic about snape thinking about using it, but not wanting to knoe malfoy's sectrets, basically how much mafoy loves him XD

and that reminds me, there was very little of that blond motherfucka in this moive. it confused me a lil.

something else, why the fuck were the frenchie's for whatever the fuck the girls were, doing the bloody macarena, i had to laugh after giveim them a look lik e'wtbf r u thinking?!?'


my ranting seems to be over...good, i wasn't saying anything important anywho.

And i pimp before i go...i pimp :iconartist-monkey: he's gotta comic^^ it's all cute and awesome! go to him and watch!

i go read yaoi now, bye~bai!
So, this is my last post, (prolly) before the 1,500 page view is hit, let's se who gets this one^^

hm, not much to report. it snowed, and so i've got the day off :woot: but right now, i'm damn cold, and being cold sucks pocky, friggin seriously...maybe i'll go eat some pie...

Now, this post had more or less one point, for me to pimp stuff. i meant to do this last night,but meh, i had to get ready for bed b/c the snow hadn't started, and it was looking like we werent going ot get any, so i figgered, i'd get more then two hours of sleep befre i might have to go to school. and thankfully i didn't XD even though i slep all afternoon. seriously. i came home, read the daily comics, then took a nap until 6, ate dinner, then went to my schol's concert b/c nick, sam, and alex were in it. then i came home, bs-ed on the net for 2 hours, posted 2 pix here, then spent time in YD before going to bed. it was awesome!


that wasn't the point either, here i is now!

Mar Pimps Stuff!

:icondianalw: my friend, she's got a cute awesome lil comic! go check it! it's the bombdiggity! hahaha:rolfmao:

:icondichigo: that's me, i pimp meself because i'm just that vain XD

Sities! Outpost Nine! there are some funny ass editorials here, furfrickin seriously^^ read 'i'm a japanese school teacher' and then go to pretty much any of the others, they're all awesome^^ Sartania! Home of the Suckfc Massacre! It's just funny. The Sucfic Massacre is  when people write really crap fics, (crap gramar, crap spelling, crap storylines,) and they're seriousy aout their work, and they thing it's good. it's pretty damn funny so go there!

Webcomics! Friendly Hostility, now recently 200+ pages^^ it's funnyand all bloody hell! youll love it! i can't explain because it's too awesoem for words, oosha, my friends, seriously. No Crap! the series that is angst! you will literally be reading the comic, and an angst sandwich will appear in your hands, it's like
woah' anywho, all in all, it's a very cute lil series and i like it^^
I pimp!

:iconshavhana: Her Art is tooth achingly cute, but it's nce like that^^ Very awesome chibis and very cute friends^^
:iconspookydoom: very awesome art all around! Nellie is her, and a chara of hers. it's all very nice and awesome^^

~~~ Pimpin' ain't easy~~~

So, i've posted my first piks for December^^ And i'm still about 40 pageviews from my kiriban, so look out for it!

And since it's the 'Holoday Season' the Egg Nog fiend inside has come out! bwa haha! she's a cold mother fu--

darius: shut yo mouth

me: i'm just talking 'bout me

Darius: i can dig XD

so, anyway, from about Thanksgivving until new years, about half my diet is EGGNOG!!!funny thing thouhg is i don't really eat eggs XD, but no matter :puts thought aside:

and to conclude, i shall post my art list of doom!!

1) x-mas pik/ Wall pik, dar, tami, spiro
2) finish OT comic
3) done
4) done
5) Do better dari pik (swing around a pole)
6) Draw (better version of )Dar's RPG costume
7) fix 'Travelers' and turn into comic
8) list and draw every character, and settle on design ideas, expecially for hair
9) RYFG dA id
10) Angst Sandwich
11) Technologic flash images
12) Image to go wiht 'When Being an Outlaw is Outlawed, I'll Still be an Outlaw'
13) homo assylum comic
14) eggnog fiend

some of those will be posted...maybe....

1) won't get here until jan, or later
2) will go up as i work on the
3) pickle's kiriba, already here
4) Bluefreak's b-day pik, here already
5) may or may no put up here
6) i need to get the line art and such down better, i know the costume, but suck at drawing it
7) that's a long term project, i haven't opened that story yet to read it so:shrug:
8) i've got a lot of the list written out (40 charas) but i know i've got about 10 or so missing
9) Rabid Yaoi Fan Girl^ i've got the image, jsut need to draw it!
10) i was in YD, and i said 'blah blah blah angst sandwich'
11) another long term activity. and, i only have flash in school, so it'll be slow working.
12) i saw that quote, adn i wanted to draw somethign to go wiht it. i don't know who i'm going to draw just yet, but i'll decided on somebody
13) okies, there's a book called 'opening skinner's box' and at one point they said that people have been put into assylums for being gay. i lauhed my ass off iwht that one, and of course i have to draw somethgin to go with that one
14) another on eof me (obviously) but i have no clue what i going to draw just yet, but i'll think of someting^^

okies, that too too damn long! like all friggin' damn woah! shit :fwa:! MAr's off, mabe i'll eat somethgn aside from drinking eggnog! (mmm, eggnog is teh yum, and love)
Okies, thse are my last piks for november, Grope by DIchigo, the 1,000 hit kiriban, and this Happy B-Day Blue by DIchigo my bithday gift to Bluefreak^^...umm, yeah, i've got other stuff i *could* upload, but i'll be taking a might lil beak from dA, prolly not returning until friday or somethign ...i dunno, just a lil break, so i can get ot homework and such.
in my absence, i shall kiriban a secret, so woever gets the ticket and show the r friends tehy  got inside.  (i'm sleepy, and i started thinking about charlie and the choco late factory(

anywho, the 1,500 page view kiri hit will still be going on, and such, and i won't long into dA until later, so comment and such anyway^^

ja na mini-san!
Mar teh sleepy
alright, there are less then 100 pageviews necessary for the next kiri, now let's see someone get it this time

hmm, nothign much to say. i've got a character listfrom hell) going on my comp, i'm trying to write down the naes of all my charas^6 i'm up to 34 now, i think^^ i also have an art list (of doom) going. 12 ot 13 piks waiting, and i've barely decided on concepts for two...i'll get those done..eventually... well, maybe not all of them. i want to do a fash using the seom technologic by daft Punk, off the cd 'human afterall'. (i don't feel like megauploading it, that taks too long)

hmm, i've been spiriting around dA recently, commenting little, but clearing through everything. and i'm still loveing my cam^^

Pairo's got an interesting art style, and very awesome coloring! ~woot~ ~oosha~
well, this is a happy post, why because i won't be bitching about any super depressing thing...well...not really

oh, i'm too lazy to thikn o journal titles, so i keep naming them off off whatver track comes up that i really like...

so, i've got thrus an dfri off, half day tomorrow, and i might be able to talk kovo_11 into seeing HP4 wih me on fri^^

i recntly switched out of ib algebra and ib physics, and now i've got franken-teacher, but wtf, he's no the OCD thalrr, whic auomatically makes you better.

i was watching wife swap yesterday, and the black man said 'the'tre both freaki' frick and frack' whiched amused me b/c my mom is the only perso i've ever heard saying it, so i laughed my ass off to i ould DL more awesome stuff!

i'm sleepy and laying on my left arm, and typing wha sleepy me is thikning, so i have no iea what tjos ness means

it was late when iwrote that, like...11:50, but i;m leaving it, it amuses me^^

and nothing is really bad wiht me righ tnow^^ i've still got things on Moon waiting to be uploaded, you've seen very little of Bo, if any, so i'll put something of him up today or tomorrow! and i've got a bunch of piks waiting to be scanned, so sometime next week, or the week after, i'll sit down i the comp lab and scan stuff during lunch instead of chating wiht kovo.

i've got a comic, using one of my old ways of drawing myself, used for one of my IDs, in which i am know as Okashi Kudasai^^ go webcomics teaching me japanese XD

and that's what's up. and i seriously have no idea what i was thinking while i was typing last night, though, it might have had something to do with me dowloading more yaoi comics from yaoi_daily...but im not to sure. and yesterday, i surpassed 700MB of yaoi XD i'm keeping my yaoi scanlations and images on cds instead of my comp, and i filled up one cd wiht stuff that's still waiting fo rme to get to it XD go me XD

:bow: MAr's out! oosha!
Mar is not hapy now.

mar has no idea when she'll be happy once more.

She was at a level of contentment and slight happyness earlier, mostly during lunch and hoa...but now even that is gone.

mar does not want to deal wiht anybody right now. nobody, so she shall stay in her room, until she feels better, or tomorow morning when she must walk to school.

mar might draw until she's at least content, but what's the point. mar's mother keeps maing mar sad once more, and mar becomes very unhappy then.

Mar is also facing a big change now. mar might explain later. mar still isn't happy. mar will draw more pixies. mar's pixies aren't happy.
Te unwilling haitus is over, but i'm still not happy.

my mom has finally figured out that it wasn't always quite so that i didn't wnt to do IB courses, but also that i had no drive to continue in them. also, in a way, that i can't. i do have the mental capacity to do the tasks, but i don't want to, and if i don't want to d something, i won't. it's that simple, kind of.

so tomorrow, mar ventures off to the ibach bitch to get her classes changed, and prolly have her whole scheduel flipped all over five ways from yaoi. which seriously bites..seriously...

so, now i may almost not see alex, which'll seriously suck b/ he's pretty much damn near my new best friend, and he made hoa and english interesting...but chattign with nick was fun too, but alex was new, and messing iwht him was fun!

back to me bitching...eiana is all pissy about me, and i think it was caused by what i'd said about her in diana's journal. i was trying to defend her, but i guess that using assumptions about myself was the wrong way to go about it, and now she's all pised off at me. if that's not it, then mar has no clue. but i figured that when she was ready, she'd sa something of her own ccord, until then, it'll keep going as it has, whic isn't quite anywhere. whic is more or less fine by me, aside from that fact that she may have been my best friend.

but fuck that, i'll cross that bridge when i get to it.

and to conclude, my mom is just plain crazy. the only thing is that you'd have to know her the way my brothers and i do to get what i mean. her cruise made her wors,e which bodes fur-frickin' aweful for dor and myself. we also have no idea what to do to fix her, so it shall stay as it until whenever.

so, to conclude. i've got Moon back, but i'm ont happy. i get to leave IB, but i'm not happy. My mom is crazy..which is driving my up the bloody walls...and is not making me happy.

happy-ish note, i'm going to my dad' this weekend, so i get to go and spend $$ on som new manga to cheer me up! i'm stillt rying to decide between buying Yamo no matsuei 7 &8, Angel Sanc 7&8, seven of each, hands off 4, off beat 1, other thigns that have come out that i've fallen behind in buying, or buying some new yaoi from boarders...i'll think of something come this weekend.

And so, Mar leaves until later. i shall scan stuff soon, hopefully, and get the kiriban up for PickleWeasel soon, and some other things that i've just done.
my mon took away Moon, so updating pictures here shall slow to a damn near stop, which absolutely fucking sux!

I was going to finally get the kiriban pik up, and prepare for the next one, b/c it's only 200 hits away! [bold]THE NEXT KIRIBAN HIT IS FOR 1,500 HITS![/bold] go for it!

gettig hmk done now is goign to be a bitch, but i may be able to get somethgin up...or get somebody else to get it online for me. but ithen again, once more, i also have a few hours daily by myslf at home in which, i can use Moon, so maybe...


well, i was planning on uoloading a small series of piks about my trip away from home. Yes! Mar was gone for the weekend and has started working on a crap series of one page/pannel comics about it all! so yeah...more of me bitching XD


i give you these quotes from one friggin kick ass author~Oscar Wilde...the man who named his *son* Vyvyan XD

It is perfectly monstrous the way people go about, nowadays, saying things against one behind one's back that are absolutely and entirely true.

I have nothing to declare except my genius

I have never given adoration to anybody except myself

My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or other of us has got to go

and this is a perfect reason for Bo Luc to be named Bohemian Lucifer...i think i may have posted one pik of him...if not...when i get the chance, i shall upload a piku of him^^ he's the blind awesome!

The term 'bohemian' has come to be very commonly accepted in our day as the description of a certain kind of literary gipsy, no matter in what language he speaks, or what city he inhabits .... A bohemian is simply an artist or littérateur who, consciously or unconsciously, secedes from conventionality in life and in art." (Westminster Review, 1862, noted at Online Etymology Dictionary.)

Lucifer is a Latin word made up of two words, lux (light; genitive lucis) and ferre (to bear, to bring), meaning light-bearer.
In Greek mythology, Eros was the god responsible for lust, love, and sex; he was also worshipped as a fertility deity ~~i named a guy sounds cool, this m akes it funneh!

her's some shit you don't have to pay attention to, jsut a refernce for myself^^
Awesome Name MAr must use!
Dante (tres amusing! Dante was born 'Durante' and the name Dante is a shortened version of his name)
Khronos, Chronos, Chronus (Latin version)

Lucifer is a key protagonist in John Milton's Protestant epic, Paradise Lost
Dante's Inferno, and pre/sequals (The Divine Comedy)
The Importance of Being Earnest~wilde
The Complete Letters of Oscar Wilde~Merlin Holland~Wilde's grandson
The Ballad of Reading Gaol~Wilde
Oscar Wilde: His Life and Confessions. This is generally regarded as being very unreliable, although entertaining~Frank Harris
In 1946, Hesketh Pearson published The Life of Oscar Wilde (Methuen), containing materials derived from conversations with Bernard Shaw, George Alexander, Herbert Beerbohm Tree and many others who had known or worked with Wilde. This is a lively read, although inevitably somewhat dated as to overall approach. It gives a particularly vivid impression of what Wilde's conversation must have been like… <~ Wilde's wiki page, go to bottom for biograhpical works to read

~~… <~ Great School's SLHS...Diana, check this


So after compy and pasting a lotto shix, i may not be here for a while, but wtf...i'll try to reply to stuff, but  no promises...and if the kiriban is hit, i will be looking otu for it, i will draw something stuper awesome!
firstly, 30 hits left for this intermediate kiriban. and Pickleweasel, i'm still working on your picture. i'll try to finish it today or tomorrow, so i can scann it tomorrow^^


my party last night kicked serious ass! there was food, and fun, and pervyness!..and BOB!!! AND SANTA!! hee hee^^

i got some cool gifts from my friends^^

Alex=book n bookmark
nikkers=burst angel 1st dvd(i wanted too^^)
diana=gravi cds
nora=franz cd

and, tomorrow, after i open my gifts from my family (on my real b-day) i'll post to say what coolness they got for me^^ :dance:


last night was so much fun! we played truth...truth or dare wihtout wasting time on dares, we can never thignk of any good dares anyway...

and, blod rayne! awesome ass vampiric game! i mean, she'd like..fucking them when she takes their blood, effing hilarious!

listen to music, sang along iwht 'mah na mah na' from the muppets^^ listened to clint eastwood, and random ass jap music i've got. and 'life could be a dream' and all sorts of craziness XD.

and i'm thinking about doing somethgin again in the spring, same thign,except i don't get gifts then. but it's always fun we eat candy, and have party popper fights ha ha, we chocked on the gun powder. hee hee^^

ja ne1!111one!eleven!!11!!!!!!!!


todaima! (aka new stuff)
the rest o fmy gifts o awesome go as follows^^
Dorien=$25 AmEx giftard
Miguel=$50 giftcard to Michaels, so i can but a 24 set of prismacolor markers (woot!!1!)
Mom= topaz n diamond anklet^^ (i wear it on my left angle, even thought he left is the hooker's ankle XP)
Dad=Fuji Digicam! (when iget tha stuf set up, i'l start uploading photos!...sometimes XD)
Grandma=Red coat, (very nice^^ my fav color)
Aunt Cheryl& Uncle Stuart= red n black small shoulder bag(it's actually perfect for my cam n miniskebo, cell n wallet!)
Jessica=Gravi 11 n 12

and i think that's just about everything^^

I was oing to buy som manga for myself using the AmEx giftcard, get the two most recent Yami no Matsuei's (7, 8) but i was aready buying a 512 MB memory card for my cam, and a carrying case, i decided to hold off on that until later.

Well, i'l be posting some new art next week, and PickleWeasel, i'll get that finished this weekend (Mar be leaving home for the weekend, and may have some art time). i think i'll upload a few pix today. nothign extensive, i'll stop at three, i swear XD my past few uploadings have been...extensive to say the least^^

hasta la bye bye!
i was planning on not making another journal until wed, but fukit

theabove link is to where you can see Mar's crap clip video! you need to turn onthe sound, even though you'll hear nothign at the beginning of the song. don't worry about that, it starts after a few seconds
new mini kirir for 1,234, you have to hit it right on teh dot, or no dice, fo sho this time. e-mail, or note me a link.

So, i know why i can't upload my video now. dA only accepts Macromedia Flash videos, and nothign else. .wmv's, and .avi's are forbidden, so i can't upload it here. i'll put it somewhere else, then you can see it that way. bah!

stupid forbidden stuff... are flash maker programs downloadale?
Mar D. Ichigo has made a trippy, weird as hel lclip video of images..and shit...from her gallery^^ cheer Mon on in saving the thing, and giving Mar/DI an idea on how to uoload the friggin thing =D it's not an .sfw or /swf file, b/c it's not made in a flash maver, it was made in a movie maker, and i need to find a way to upload it...

if i can get it here, then ypu'll be able to see Mar's first (uber crap) flash vd XD

and vido is just my wod for video...i always know whiat i mean, which is the important thing^^
the 1000 and 1001 have been hit, and apparently missed.

that still leaves the 1002, 1003, 1004, and the 1005. if you're good, i may make more then one kiri pik, and i will try to draw anything. preferably no fanarts, but i can do those, if desired.

so, whoever stops be, or gets this, hit the print screen button and wiht note me, or e-mail me the pik you want. preferably members only, that makes ie easier to see who's won.

now, go forth, and hit the kiriban.

also, go forth, and make me b-day art gifts XD, i'll be 17 so make it good

presently nobody's commented ont he kiriban. does that mean that non memers hit it again (haha!) i dunno, but we shall see...hopefully int he next few days. if not, then ill just draw somethign for 1000 hits...

looking at my hits and such are slowly making me feel old.

well, it's a few things. 've ben a part of the papercut forums for a while, since may or apirl i believe, so i'm old there.

i've gotten 1000+posts in the pandect forums since july, but i feel as if i've bene there almost since

i'm 53 hits away from my 1000-1005 hit kiriban. i've made somethign like...300 hits here in about 2 1/2 weeks, that's fast in my mind for a non CG-ing or superskilled person.

this is also my 30th journal... but damn! like all friggin' woah!

oh, and the last thing that's making me feel old is that i'm turning 17 november 9th (sublim message: Make me b~day art...diana, give me bookstore gift card...or gravi music cd) that's 17! 17 years is a fucking long time to be alive. Not a bad thing, but in retro spect, my best year was last year, 10th grade, but even though it ended only in june...(5 months ago OMFG! :home alone1 scream face) it seems like it could hae almost been a few years back...i guess that means that i've been living a fun life, strife and stress or not.

:fades to black: (i couldn't think of a closing, so^^)
#2. (tagged by :iconabstruse-infatuation: :D

10 things you like:
1. Buddha the God :iconbuddhathegod:
2. almond crunch pocky
3. aoi, shounen ai, anime
4. those who live inside my head
5. ice cream, custad, milk baised things
6. all you can eat buffet x0x
7. Moon, my laptop
8. the people who keep me sane
9. peanut butter
10. what amuses me

3 things that make you happy:
1. seeing new people watching me
2. drawing, and liking what i draw
3. having no obligations whatsoever

3 things that anger you
1. stupid people, adn underclass idhits who don't know thir place
2. not being able to do what i want, how i want and not be questioned
3. the fact that I have to go to school tomorrow.

10 things that you hate:
1. underclass idhits
2. miguel
3. the bitch who stole my cdplayer, cell and other things from my locker
4. why this damned thing is so l ong, i can't think of ten things
5. haveing school tomorrow
6. stupid teachers inmy schoool
7. mr. thaler
8. folllowing the IB courses
9. not being able to meet cast in real life
10. not having the $$ to uy everything i want right now

3 facts about your name:
1. no body can pronounce my last name right onthe first try
2. people spell my name wrong, jasmine' is my name, tey either use a z'z' or they forget the 'e', or other stupid shix
3. it's 21 letters long, first, middle and last, three letters each

5 facts about yourself:
1. my nails grow incredibly easy, and i don''t try to grow them long
2. i've been legally blind since 8th grade
3. I'm a virgin (like DC chan~) and plan to stay that way...
4. i can, have, and will say whatever's on my mind withut a thought
5. i act older then i really am, and people think i'm a twenty-something

2 things you expect (at least for now):
1. that miguel's going to piss me off one more time before he lea ves tonight
2. that my b-day party is going to kick seriousy taco

4 random thoughts:
1. that when you eat meat, you're eating an animal's muscle
2. what does 'human' taste like?
3. what would it be like if i had a penis, or was a hermaphrodite
4. why are my brothers so stupid?

Song you're listening to (give singer):
Man Recearch (clapper) by the Gorilla, fom their first album, Gorillaz.

6:22 pm,EST

10 random facts
1) u used to have a gold fish named shelly
2) I find it comfortable sleeping on the floor.
3) people didn't think i was my parents' child when iwas a aby b/c i was really light skinned then
4) i've never broken a single bone in my body
5) i think i have two crushes on two seperate guys
6) in midle school, everybody thought that nick and i loved eachother, and we didn't
7) i sometimes think of myself as a ay guy
8) :jackdirt: <~ that's my favorite emote her @ the dA emote listy thing
9) i am over protective of my :few: friends
10) i will smack people when they piss me off

And the tradition is I tag other people...hmmm

:iconskittlebug: :iconstormfox: and :iconpickleweasel:
i couldn't think of a title, so the first song that came up was the title,but i changed it, b/c tere's one is so much better^6 it's from kill bill, but i can't think of when it's by Santa Esmerelda. it works for what i'm ranting about, but you can ignorethe rantings of the mad. you seriously don't have to read this, it's really for Cast, but i can't put it up at my LJ, b/c miguel watce that, and i didn't want it up at my Xanga, just b/c...or my myspace, b/c dorien, or muels has one, ad tey don't need to read this. but Cast, you read this, i need you to help me, i'm losing it again

okay, i'm mad in more then one way, but this is about two of them

firstly, my big bro, miguel, is being a big ass bastard right now.

i know everbody has their own thigns going on in their lives. the thigns that make them mad, and stressed, but right now, i'm just abotu in over my head.

In over my head, because my mom is out of town riht now, at this very moment she's somewhre i the south atlantic, in the caribbean islads ona cruise. she's having fun, and a fairly stressless 10 day, 9 night vacation. that's all well and good, except for the little thing that is me. i'm still in high school, and she's gone right now, but because dorien, y other brother is here, she's gone.

it's all cool being able to do tings on my own rules and clock, but the problem is that i;ve got to hol this house hold together. Drien is busy wiht school, but he's in college, so it's not as a way for him...he's out of the house.

so  sixteen year old has to keep the house is a sembalence of sanity, i;ve got to keep the house together. makesure it's clean, keep up y homework, and make sure there's sometgin for us to eat, and make sure there's stuffin this house for us to use. so i'm stressed over that.

i'm also following the IB track classes, which akes for a lot of the time, so there's part one as to why i'm mad.


back to miguel.

gawd, that boy! he works at best buy, ad somehow his paychecks got fucked up, bad, so now he's mad b/c he's not getting paid.

he's also stressed and shit b/c  our father is beinga bit too open wiht his sexual promiscuity. he's straight and all, but mig doesn't wanna know what their doing. that, and the fact that the chick is all up in the house as if she owns it, in and out of his room and such. which is seriously not good b/c mig pays rent, but mig also has no back bone to confront out father over letting this chick wander the house they way she does.

also, recently, just thursday~friday, somebody threw a rock into his car, so it's in teh shop getting fixed, and shit. and that's big $$ seriously, but who knows if his insurance an pay for it or somethgin, which isn't all that good for him and shit. he's pissed abouthtat.


how those tow add up.

Miguel is a little bastard and keeps taking his anger out on me, and i can't deal wiht that shit anymore!

i swear, i'm going to blow up, and find someway to lock him out of thehouse, i don't knw what i'm goig to do, but his psycho ass is driving me up the wall!

get this, we needed some stuff for thehouse, but he's all tired from work and shit, and get's pissy b/c i made him take me to safeway(grocery store) so i could get a few thgins for htehouse, and then he bitches to me about doing this. but we had no salad, not enough laundrydetergent, and other general thigns fo rhte house, so i picked that up.

now cut to 5pm, in an SAT prep course, and it's in the same shopping center. and it didn't end until 8, and he thinks i should have waitied to do the shoppig unitl after the course, except for, i'm tired,i still have algebra, hoa, and journalism homework for tomorrow, so i made him take me to the store earlier. he thinks it was a waste of time making him take me to the store before, and to that shoping center 3 times, when it could have been two trips.

but you know, i didn't want to be out of the house any longer, so i was all like no, we're shopping now (at 2:30...took me an hour too). when i got home from shopping (eariler again) i also had to put the grocery away b/c he was tired. he should have gone to bed earilier, knowing him, he didn't get into ed until like, 2 or 3 in the morning..bastard... so i put away the grocerys, by myself. most of the dishes that have been sitting out for hte past, two weeks. i started the laundry, which i have to find the time to finish this week. i decided to wash the winter clothes b/c they smell like moth balls, and need to be cleaned. and i had to go to my clas, and eat something b/c all i had had to eat before then were a bunch of 'fun sized' twix(twix kick ass)

and then, when we get back hre, he's all like 'now why didn't we go to the store after the class?' i was all like 'i have homwork for tomorrow' then he was all like 'then next time , drive yourself' then he went to the basement.

i'm all like 'bitch! i would, but ihave no license'

the bitch he is! as if other's don't have their own problems, te bitch! he pisses me off all the time. i swear, i'm going to blow up and tell him not to take his shit out on me anymore. he's always done that, but that's more shit that i can't deal wiht right now.

the ramblings of the mad, are over.

artistic coolness, i have a purpe marker for rhay's hair, so now it may actually look purple and not a nasty blue color.:yea!: and otherness, i drew Sprio in his dragon form and how to make a dragon Mar style^^ the lines and such are all crap, but that's okies, i as only fucking around when i drew it anyway.

and i have n idea for a halloween/fan art thing. three of my charas in pandect contumes^^ that i'll tr y to fin ish this week, but i still need a referance for delia, why her? b/c rose sucks pocky..the bad kind.

well, i'm in a better mood now, so...time to go thorugh my messages, and then dig through my homework, and mebby i'll be done by midnight^^